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Beware of Parking Lot Pilferers who gain access to your vehicle and steal items of value.We are a society that depends on our vehicles. Just look at our landscapes – dotted with parking lots everywhere. We are accustomed to parking and leaving our cars unattended, sometimes for long periods of time most often with no concern. However, your parked vehicle can be a prime target for thieves known as Parking Lot Pilferers.

This is especially true in peak shopping seasons such as Christmas when people tend to do high volumes of shopping and stow their purchases in their car as they go about shopping in different stores. These thieves will often lurk around parking lots, targeting those vehicles in which they can see packages or other valuables. They have no interest in stealing the car but will gain access to items in plain view by breaking the window or punching the lock.

So how can you protect against such a crime or at least diminish the risk? Here are some tips that could help you avoid damage to your vehicle or loss of personal belongings.

  • Always lock your doors, even if you know you’ll be right back.
  • Close all of the car windows when leaving your car unattended.
  • Always try to leave your vehicle in well-lit area with traffic moving about.
  • Avoid parking near larger vehicles or shrubs that tend to hide your car from view. Thieves prefer such isolated vehicles because they can break in without being seen.
  • Do not keep any personal items in plain view by someone walking past the car.
  • Be sure to secure all packages out of sight before leaving your vehicle.
  • Remove all portable accessories, such as GPS units and other electronics when leaving your car.

Auto Insurance Tip

Don’t wait until you have become a victim of a Parking Lot Pilferer. Check with your Insurance Agent to be sure that such thefts and damages are covered by your auto insurance and/or homeowners insurance.

Feel free to contact any of our very capable and experienced agents at the William M. Sparks Insurance Agency here in Lutherville/Timonium, MD to discuss your insurance questions.  We can help you review your current insurance policy and explore your options to be sure you have the best coverage and protection according to your circumstances. 

Thursday, 08 December 2016 22:33

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